SmartCart is a Finnish retail technology company that has created an intelligent shopping cart solution, using Navigine SDK that aims to take grocery shopping into the digital age.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

The company needed to find a way to improve the shopping experience and help retail businesses drive additional revenue, create new advertising opportunities, and learn more about the habits, preferences, and needs of their customers. This goal was to be reached with the help of smart shopping carts with tablets onboard.

The convenience and positive experience given to grocery shoppers was the focus of the application. Shoppers could add their grocery lists to the application or shop based on recipes, while integration of the Navigine SDK allowed SmartCart to create optimal shopping routes.

The use of tablets in shopping carts allowed shop owners to show promotional messages to shoppers near relevant products and right at the point when they make a purchase decision. The Navigine SDK allowed them to track the movement of shoppers and create heat-maps, letting them know which sections of their store are the most popular and giving them the statistical information the need to increase their revenue.

The SmartCart application allowed supermarkets to increase sales, providing them with the opportunity to influence shoppers at the point of making a buying decision. Brands and suppliers were given the opportunity to increase brand awareness via in-app ads. Meanwhile, shoppers were able to benefit from the Navigine integration which improved their shopping experience and shortened their weekly shopping time without detriment to the supermarket’s revenue.