AlumTies is a start-up made up of college classmates. The company is developing new software to distribute updates, projects, and event details to alumni.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

AlumTies began with an idea that needed to be expanded into a business model. The company also needed to conduct market analysis and develop aspects such as UI/UX, technical aspects and a development budget and timeline estimate for the project.

Intellectsoft assisted AlumTies through a strategic workshop during the first phase of the project. This workshop helped the company develop a business model, as well as performing extensive market research. The technical specifications of the project were defined, as was a realistic development and release schedule.

During the second phase, the plans agreed-upon during the first phase were acted on and executed. The software, UI, and programming were developed and created, bringing the plan to reality while keeping the entire team to a rigorous schedule.

AlumTies will bring their product from concept to release with the help of Intellectsoft. The application’s development, QA, and launch will remain on schedule thanks to a detailed planning and development phase. Features like news feeds, donations, user profiles and a flexible system administration panel will enable a rich and intuitive experience for alumni far and wide.