Generational Equity

Generational Equity is a Mergers and Acquisitions firm in North America that values and sells private companies in the middle-market. The company also assists buyers in achieving their acquisition goals.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Nowhere, is up-to-date market data more vital than in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Generational Equity sought an application that would give users better access to market information. They also needed assistance with the internal design and proposal review, as well as Q&A sessions which resulted in internal funding for the project.

Intellectsoft worked with Generational Equity to design and develop the internal proposal for the planned software. This aided C-Level management in understanding how the project would help their business, as well as establish the timeline and funding that would be necessary to successfully launch the application.

All of this took place over 2-3 months and successfully secured funding approval for the project. Project management ensured that the planning, development and release of the application remained on schedule and fell within budgetary limitations. The UI/UX was designed and tested with the exact needs of company staff in mind.

Intellectsoft leveraged their expertise to help plan and develop an application that was fully integrated with Salesforce software. The application allows users to search for market deals, receive criteria-based search results, sign NDAs electronically, and contact colleagues to share business opportunities.

The combined features of this software provide faster and more complete access to all details related to the company’s deal-making workflow and transactions, ultimately creating a more efficient workforce.