Clayton Homes

This major manufactured housing and modular home builder is known for several types of of high-quality living spaces: homes, mobile homes, military barracks, dorms, and apartments.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Finding a living space that fulfills the needs of each homebuyer is never easy. The process is frequently tedious, with facilitators needing to help identify desired features, locating available homes, and scheduling visits. Clayton sought to simplify the journey to a dream home with a mobile app. The app would allow customers to search for homes at the manufacturer’s local dealerships and find ones that met their desired criteria. This app would be created with both customers and dealership sales representatives in mind, thus simplifying the search process on both sides.

The answer came in the form of a custom Android mobile application that combines the intersecting processes involved in finding a modular home into one easy-to-use system.

A search function, adjustable filters, and an interactive map allow users to find homes that meet their specifications, while property details and homeowner contact information give them the opportunity to learn more about it.

If users of the app are interested in a property but not yet finished with their search, they can use the “Favorites” feature to save properties to a shortlist to be viewed later.

Intellectsoft’s custom-build home finder app will greatly simplify the processes involved in finding and securing a modular home.

No longer will searchers need to hunt for the contact information of multiple parties involved in helping to secure a modular home, and view each property in person without knowing if it meets their criteria. With the home finder app, they can do it all from one place - their mobile phone - making the search for a modular property faster and easier than ever before.