Media Asset Management

Belgian media production services company, which builds advanced media asset management systems used by major clients.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Our client needed to develop an information management solution for Toyota. The company required a reliable way to manage content from anywhere in the world, including content creation, secure upload/download of company data, and the ability to wipe data (located on a FTP server) using HTTP protocol.

The extensive experience of our team in Flex development convinced the customer to select Intellectsoft as an outsourcing partner for the creation of a web file sharing module for Toyota’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform.

Intellectsoft’s team developed the solution’s business logic, information architecture, delivered web service and web client applications incorporated into the existing framework, and performed extensive testing to ensure smooth system performance.

The Web File Sharing module for the customer’s DAM platform acted as a transparent layer functioning on top of the existing FTP Server.

The developed solution worked perfectly in stand-alone mode but was also fully integratable into the home page or into the administration panel depending on Toyota’s needs.

The partnership between Intellectsoft and this client resulted in a successful delivery and application which went above and beyond the scope of the original challenge. As a result, Toyota team gained greater mobility and a fast and reliable mode of content management.