Indoor Solution

An company specializing in IT solutions for the retail industry.

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The customer sought out Intellectsoft to develop an indoor positioning system. The application had to be mobile and be able to locate the user on premises and supply them with promotional information. GPS would not work in this scenario, so Bluetooth was suggested as an alternative positioning tool.

Intellectsoft presented a two-part solution which would provide benefits for customers and retailers alike. By using strategically-located Bluetooth beacons within the retail space, the application was able to position the user on a map and call back to a web server with client and beacon info. In this way, the promotional information displayed would be specific to each customer.

The customer gained access to a specialized shopping application enhanced by the Indoor Positioning System. End users were able to create and modify their shopping lists through the external database located on the server. Users could also add details about the products they were interested in - such as name, barcode, or product category and form a list this way. When creating new shopping lists, users could take advantage of prior history, autosuggestion, loyalty cards, product searches, and favorites to simplify the process. Users were also able to share their lists with other users. Furthermore, when the user was in the vicinity of a section with the shopping list items, the phone would vibrate and notify the user.

Finally, we provided the client with the possibility of further monetization via ads, optimized to customer mobile devices based on their selected product categories.

By developing and deploying an Android application and utilizing the latest in Bluetooth technology, Intellectsoft enabled its client to supply customers with promotional data, open up new marketing avenues for retailers, and add value to the customer shopping experience.