Brauer is one of the industry's most trusted material handling solutions providers, with over 30 years of experience. Brauer offers services such as equipment management, engineering, systems integration and facility design.

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The ability to quickly respond to issues that arise from equipment performance or use is crucial to Brauer’s business. But response time can get slowed down by users submitting incomplete support requests or being unable to locate the right department.

Brauer knew it was vital to seek faster ways for their customers to interact with their service team.

Our efforts to maximize efficiency of primary contact between clients and Brauer’s client services guided us towards a solution featuring QR­code and barcode scanning.

The Brauer Service Call Assistant allows users to scan QR codes directly from units enrolled in the program and submit automated service requests to the dispatch center.

The system quickly collects and processes user inquiries on maintenance service, parts, rentals, and sales and ensures that representatives have the unit make, serial number, unit location, and other necessary data.

The Assistant then quickly puts users in direct contact with the relevant company representative for any of Brauer’s departments.

The released solution is fully integrated with iOS, Android, LAMP Admin Panel applications, and Zendesk.

Even the most perfectly engineered and meticulously maintained solution can become victim to equipment malfunction. It’s a fact of life.

With the Brauer Service Call Assistant, Brauer made sure this fact wouldn’t get in the way of business. With fewer delays due to incorrect or insufficient unit data, Brauer was able to forge stronger customer relationships and boost sales efforts.

For customers, it meant less paperwork and shorter downtime. Any purchase, service upgrade, or service request could be swiftly addressed with a mobile device.

By taking advantage of the latest in enterprise mobile technology, Brauer streamlined their commitment to providing customers with reliable products and exemplary service.