Dropix is a Norwegian social startup dedicated to bringing users together through striking, location-based visual content. The app allows users to share their thoughts and experiences with people around the world thus turning strangers into friends.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

This crew of Norwegian entrepreneurs sought out Intellectsoft for its full range of mobile app services.

They wanted to build a location-based app that enabled users to take photos, modify, publish and share them with the world. Users could then search for photos or videos by location (text search and map) and sort through data by popularity, timestamp, and hashtags.

This required an integrated CMS solution and robust data processing abilities to manage the traffic from a global network of webcams, along with featuring an engaging interface and user-friendly design.

Intellectsoft collaborated with the Dropix team extensively on design, frontend and backend development, product strategy, and more.

The resulting app featured a mapping feature with GPS and network-based integration for precise locating abilities. No tracking or sign-up was required. Users could share photos and videos linked to their location with the added bonus of up-to-the-second weather data.

The app was aimed primarily university students who could use the app to connect with their university and fellow contemporaries. In addition, users could instantly share photos and videos to other social networks. The attractive and user-friendly interface was optimized for all iOS and Android devices, with a focus on mobile phones and tablets.

By tapping into Intellectsoft’s full range of expertise and services, the Dropix team entered the marketplace with a beautifully designed application bringing their initial vision to life.

This social media photo and video tool offers a new paradigm that uses the outdoor environment as a pivot point to connect people with new contacts outside their immediate circle and throughout the world.