Building Inspectors

The customer is a municipal authority responsible for inspecting buildings after maintenance work has been completed.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

The customer needed improved management of building inspections and automatic report gathering. Ideally, their team would have a convenient and dependable set of applications which could be used in the field.

Our solution was comprised of two parts: a website and a mobile application.

The website would serve as a the “home base” interface from which the team could configure global settings, manage users, manage inspection measures, and determine the quality of completed inspections.

The Android application would allow onsite inspectors to adjust the time of inspection, use a range of prompts for faster reporting, add additional information, send internal messages, supplement messages with onsite photos, and sign off on concluded reports. All information would be stored on the smartphone locally in an encrypted database before being synchronized with the server back-end.

The project is currently in development. A prototype has been built and is the testing phase as a project of this nature requires particularly rigorous quality control before full implementation. Early versions have been well-received and indicate that the application will do much to facilitate accurate and effective reporting for field inspectors.