Patient Web Portal

The customer is a U.S.-based company providing decision-supporting solutions to consumers and healthcare professionals.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Due to an aging population, it is clear that Patient Portals and Electronic Health Records will play a crucial role in providing patients with the care they need.

Our client understood the value a custom healthcare web-portal could bring to their patients and requested a one-stop place where users could find relevant healthcare information and receive precise and reliable medical advice.

This solution would serve as the starting point for patient health advice and as a place for continued support for a wide range of patients and patient needs.

Thanks to federal mandates and a growing adoption of a patient-centric approach in healthcare, the implementation of custom healthcare portals has become far less complex.

Intellectsoft’s web team used an Episerver CMS to develop an intuitive architecture where site owners could edit content, upload and modify images, and edit static content -- without the need for recompiling.

Through this portal, patients could access articles on medical topics, drugs and symptoms data, news, illustrations, videos, and helpful tips to promote understanding and allow patients to take a more active role in managing their healthcare. For example, a user could easily search for a drug by symptom, shape, color, or imprint.

The portal was integrated with the client’s website and marketing campaign, helping brand their medical organization and allowing for targeted advertising.

Intellectsoft provided full life-cycle development services upon project completion -- including: design, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance.

This improved access to relevant healthcare information proved extremely popular with patients, with a surprisingly-high adoption among older patients. The portal’s simplicity and convenience reduced hospital staff workload and enabled patients to take a more active role in their own health and quality of life.