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This major Fortune 500 IT company is one of the largest semiconductor chip makers in the entire world. They’re responsible for powering many of the personal computers we use today.

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Keeping our kids safe is a constant challenge. Not only are they continuously coming up with new ways to get into trouble, but caregivers are finding themselves increasingly busy. Intellectsoft was tasked with developing a software solution that would rise above all the noise to notify parents of their children’s safety and provide this data in a quick, easy-to-understand way.

Intellectsoft created a high-quality software development kit along with apps for iOS and Android built specifically for our client’s hardware. The completed product will use a smart device that can provide caregivers with relevant safety data on their mobile device paired via Bluetooth. Through warning notifications, this app lets caregivers know when their child is safe, when the ambient temperature is becoming unsafe for the child, and when they have traveled an unsafe distance from the device. Intellectsoft’s software kit will help this major IT company vend the full product to third parties.

Our software, coupled with the hardware from this major IT company, will make transportation safer for young children and their families.