Knee Pads

This major Fortune 500 IT company is one of the largest semiconductor chip makers in the entire world. They’re responsible for powering many of the personal computers we use today.

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Prolonged periods of kneeling have long been known to cause numerous health problems. Conditions like Bursitis and Chondromalacia plague those in the gas industry who spend hours a day on their knees installing or maintaining water heaters.

Our client, a major IT company, developed hardware in the form of smart knee-pads which measure pressure and time spent kneeling, but they needed a software to collect and report that data in a user-friendly way.

The Intellectsoft team built a completely custom prototype for the client that would allow them to test their hardware on beta users before deciding whether or not to put it into production. The prototype used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to sustain high battery performance and custom-built firmware harmonized with the mobile applications.

Intellectsoft created an interactive web admin panel and iOS app so that companies in the gas industry would know whether their employees were spending an unhealthy amount of time on their knees while maintaining water heaters.

Company research had previously shown that prolonged periods of time spent kneeling caused serious health issues. With an interactive web-based dashboard that tracks kneeling pressure and time, along with an iOS app complete with health alerts, gas maintenance workers can now make more informed decisions about their knee health while maintaining water heaters.